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  • silver chunky necklace

    What to Look For in a Silver Chunky Necklace

    A silver chunky necklace is a great way to enhance your look and add some personality to your outfit. If you’re looking for the best silver chunky necklace, read on. We’ll explain what to look for in a silver chunky necklace so you can get inspired. Length The length of your necklace is a personal …

  • best necklaces in melbourne

    Spotlight on the Best Necklaces in Melbourne

    Necklaces are always popular, no matter what your personal jewellery preference is. From casual, smart looking necklaces to extravagant diamonds, everybody loves beautiful pieces. That means the highest quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship and stunning designs. Well, look no further than Catanach’s Jewellers, because we’ve got a great range of unique, professionally crafted necklaces to suit …

  • gold necklaces

    How to Wear Gold Necklaces

    Style icons worldwide have always had their finger on the pulse of what is hot in fashion. And right now, that beat is drumming two words into our eyes (and around our necks) – gold necklaces. Available in a wide array of different shapes, sizes, and colours, gold necklaces are a versatile, distinctive jewellery item …

  • jewellery gift ideas

    5 Great Jewellery Gift Ideas

    Jewellery is often considered a luxury, and it’s not always something that people buy for themselves. So, when it’s time to give gifts, jewellery is a beautiful way to show someone how much you care. Photo frames Ok, we know that photo frames aren’t what comes to mind when you think about jewellery. However, when …

  • designer necklaces melbourne

    How to Choose Designer Necklaces in Melbourne

    Designer necklaces are something to truly cherish. They’re not just something you buy to wear for a special occasion. They become part of your collection of favourite pieces. In that sense, it’s a pretty big investment so you need to make the right choice. Due to the exquisite nature of designer jewellery, it’s easy to …

  • diamond jewellery melbourne

    Types of Diamond Jewellery in Melbourne

    Who doesn’t love diamonds? Well, we certainly do here at Catanach’s. So, we thought it was a good time to talk about the different types of diamond jewellery in Melbourne. Our master jewellers work with the finest quality diamonds to create visually stunning pieces of jewellery every day. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect …

  • best necklaces in melbourne

    How to Find the Best Necklaces in Melbourne

    Necklaces are an enormously popular piece of jewellery. For some it’s a fashion statement. For others, they even keep their wedding ring on a necklace rather than wearing it. But one of the main reasons that necklaces are so popular is because they’re great for gifts. If you trying to show someone how much you …

  • custom necklace melbourne

    How to Choose a Great Custom Necklace in Melbourne

    Sometimes in life, you want something truly unique, because you deserve to stand out. When it comes to jewellery, getting a custom necklace in Melbourne means shopping around, but it can be tricky. While many jewellery stores promise custom jewellery, how do you know they can do what they say? True master jewellers are able …

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