Jewellery Valuations

At Catanach’s, we believe that peace of mind is as important as your valuables.

We provide Valuations Certificates for items purchased from our Melbourne store as well as pieces from your personal collection, from diamond engagement rings to silverware, for insurance purpose based on the retail value in the market place.

Types of Valuations we provide:

  • Retail Replacement for Insurance Purposes: This valuation provides a fair retail replacement for items for the purpose of acquiring insurance. The value in the case is a full retail price and is based on the item being replaced in the current retail market.
  • Fair Market or Family Distribution Valuation: This valuation provides for the distribution of items that are part of an estate or family assets. The value in this case is the amount which would be realised if the pieces were sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer without a time constraint.
  • Probate Valuation: This valuation provides for the instant realisation of items. The value in this case is the price that might be achieved in a forced sale situation. 
  • Private Sale: This valuation provides for the private sale of items between willing parties. 

Valuation Service Fees:

  • Single item valuation – $150
  • Additional items $75 or greater depending on complexity
  • Complicated items will be quoted on

All valuations are done on site at our Melbourne address.

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