• quartz earrings

    Your Guide to Quartz Earrings

    Quartz earrings are a popular jewellery trend that’s here to stay. Quartz earrings come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, so there’s something for everyone. You can choose from natural or lab-created quartz earrings and wear them with your casual outfits or formal attire. Whether you’re looking for a pair of studs or an elaborate …

  • rose gold earrings

    Why Do People Love Rose Gold Earrings?

    Rose gold is a popular material for all types of jewellery. However, it’s particularly popular when it comes to rose gold earrings. Wo, why do people love these earrings so much? Let’s look at some of the main reasons rose gold earrings are so well-loved. Rose gold earrings add colour to your look Rose gold …

  • button earrings

    When to Wear Button Earrings

    Button earrings have been popular for decades, and while they aren’t usually considered to be a luxury jewellery item, there are some beautiful designs out there. The only difficulty is, they look quite different to traditional earrings. While they don’t hang from your ear like a pendant, they do make a bold statement. It’s also …

  • earrings

    Beautiful Earrings from Catanach’s

    Earrings are an extremely popular type of jewellery. In fact, for many people, a pair of earrings is their introduction to jewellery. However, as we get older, our tastes mature and we want something a little more luxurious than the studs we wore in high school. Catanach’s designs and creates beautiful earrings in all different …

  • diamond jewellery melbourne

    Types of Diamond Jewellery in Melbourne

    Are you looking for diamond jewellery in Melbourne? From rings to necklaces, there are so many options. If you’ve never experienced the luxury of owning diamond jewellery, now is the time! By purchasing high-quality jewellery made from the very best materials, you’re making an investment. In fact, if you look after them well enough, you’ll …

  • pearl earrings

    When to Wear Pearl Earrings

    When it comes to jewellery trends in recent years, none have been hotter than the pearl resurgence. Pearls have always been a classy, elegant way to adorn ourselves, but once they hit the runway and the red carpet soon after, the trend was predestined to spread through the wider populace like wildfire. Which it most …

  • Secure Your Copy Of The Latest Catanach’s Catalogue

    Catanach’s Catalogue 2021/2022 Catanach’s catalogue is due out this November. 2020 and 2021 proved to be extremely challenging times for retail so we are so excited to be releasing this year’s catalogue. Create your dream today. The catalogue will showcase our current range. At Catanach’s we pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship in all areas, from …

  • earrings in melbourne

    Types of Popular Earrings in Melbourne

    Earrings are a staple in just about everyone’s jewellery collection. They have been around forever and remain a huge part of fashion no matter the current trend. For some, having your ears pierced is a rite of passage, an expression of individuality. You might wear earrings to highlight your facial features, and draw the eye …

  • jewellery in australia

    Popular Styles of Jewellery in Australia

    Jewellery will never go out of fashion. The right pieces of jewellery will enhance any outfit and can draw the eye to your best features. You can use jewellery to make a bold statement or to create a subtle sense of opulence. If you can think of a style of jewellery, it probably exists somewhere …

  • silver jewellery

    All You Need to Know About Silver Jewellery

    What makes silver jewellery so special? Why is silver jewellery linked to luxury throughout history? Silver jewellery is timeless. You can incorporate silver into countless jewellery designs and it will maintain its beauty and durability no matter the use. From a classic statement piece to an everyday accessory, silver jewellery is so versatile you can …

  • jewellery stores

    What to Look for in Jewellery Stores

    Looking for the best jewellery stores in Melbourne? Well, there are a few things that separate the high-end jewellers from the basic jewellery retailers. If you want to make the right choice for beautiful, unique and long-lasting jewellery, here’s what to look for. An extensive range of products High-end jewellery stores always have a good …

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